Ads in time for Christmas…


Maybe this is a little on the late side, what with presents mostly wrapped, cards written and sent and i-gift order times over – but it has to be said.

After what proved a wrist- achingly busy first term at Central Saint Martins – two plays, a competition Brexit play, two films and numerous outlines, checklists and scene-by-scenes, I found a new love – film shorts. These are  little nuggets of story with set-ups, pay-offs and final twists. The best can be blissful perfection – a 3-30 minute distilled version of a favourite film with clues a-plenty and ( for me ) a second viewing to appreciate them all.

The Christmas ad is a great example of these, but word to the wise John Lewis – the lazy fluffy pet/woodland creature and cute child offering is hackneyed and old hat. The best version of this year’s being the Trump/Clinton spoof.

Now from the ridiculous to the sublime. The winner of Best Christmas Ad ( yes, there is a reward), went to H&M. The right amount of product placement coupled with a great story and a final, tear-inducing twist. A Grand Budapest Hotel vibe, directed by Wes Anderson and starring Adrien Brody, an actor with the right amount of quirk. Of course, one guesses the ending, but that doesn’t matter – and at the risk of sounding cheesy – these filmic nuggets are filled with familial love whether peopled by fashion models or actor-grannies and push the right yuletide buttons.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas – wherever you purchased that Christmas jumper.









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