Starting at the beginning.



Second week at Central Saint Martins. Every Monday and Tuesday I get off that train and to quote Dorothy Gale ” I’m not in Kansas anymore”, though Thames Ditton is hardly a dust bowl and I haven’t yet seen Miss Grinch outside Waitrose).

What’s amazing is how a fifteen minute train ride can change your world. Huge walks through brightly lit undergrounds,mega restaurants,men in skirts. Enough already – I’m beginning to sound like the musical number ( usually the third song in) where the ingenue launches into some new world , see Michael Crawford in Hello Dolly, “Put on your Sunday clothes”, but the list is endless.

So far, during the sixteen hours I’ve been there , I’ve had craft sessions in ideas and story structure, lectures on theatre business and my first lab with the head of a theatre company ( Rob Drummer – Company of Angels). But it’s the extras – or rather the guidance leading one to make use of them  – that make this feel unique to me.

So, I’ve been to a play set in a Karaoke bar on the Uxbridge Road, watched the stars of the future perform monologues which shall surely earn them a good agent, been to a Q&A with influencers of all stage, screen, radio and TV, and  an invite to a naming of a  theatre company. Tomorrow night there is a scratch night at the Pleasance, a local fringe venue.

I’ve written five-year plans, story outlines, early pages of the play for our degree, researched theatres, entered competitions and last but not least, this blog.

Yes, I’m a busy bee indeed. Must go – I ‘ve set myself the challenge to write a ten minute short  on Britain after Brexit – just hope it won’t prove too hard…